As if worrying about cell phones causing brain cancer weren't enough, here's another thing to stress about: mobile phone dermatitis. It's basically an allergic reaction to the nickel in your cell phone. A flaky, itchy red rash can appear on your cheek or ear, but it may also show up on your fingertips if you're big into texting on metal buttons or surfing the web. Dermatologists think this condition is on the rise since people rely so heavily on cell phones now.

When 22 phones were tested from eight different manufacturers, nickel was found in 10 of them. So while not every phone is made with nickel, many are. Woman who wear metal jewelry that contains nickel, such as watches, are most likely to develop this kind of reaction, so if you're feeling a little itchy after using your cell phone, you may have a nickel allergy. If you've developed a rash, you're advised to stop using your phone and seek medical attention. Other ways to work around this issue are to place a case on your phone and/or use an ear bud. You'll be happy to know that many manufacturers are phasing out the use of nickel in their phones, so hopefully we won't have to deal with this problem for much longer.

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